Lilith in the 8th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives abnormal sexual requests. A person experiences uncontrollable states, he falls under the influence of the most coarse instincts. The problem is to calm down the animal nature. If the Black Moon is struck, a person is prone to theft – he cannot pass by that which lies badly. Intricate property relations with a partner. With a good Black Moon – extraordinary occult abilities.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Forms attraction to death, suicide, destruction of self. Attracts terrible disastrous situations. Sometimes he pulls to engage in black magic, which will destroy a person.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

It gives freedom in choosing relationships with sponsors, inheritors and other people who invest capital, funds (material and non-material) in a person, sharing the most intimate and intimate with him, and finally with the team. He can take what they give for granted and be not particularly grateful, he can give in full. The most important revelations come to a person in moments of some global external or internal changes, be it a crisis, stress, depression or just a change in social status, or in some, sometimes unforeseen, extreme, dangerous situations. Extreme manifestations – either rejection of the sexual side of life, material assistance from anyone, severe depression in moments of life crises and a vision of only the negative side of all this, or complete irresponsibility and consumerism in this area, denial, a frivolous attitude towards the transformations taking place in life, thereby – the accumulation of psychological and nervous tension inside oneself, participation and passion, for example, extreme sports, constant falling into life-threatening situations of all kinds.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the second and eighth houses symbolizes energy exchange, “one’s own” and “someone else’s”. In the eighth house, the Black Moon manifests itself in the circumstances of a crisis that accompanies the transition from one state to another, introducing distortions into the natural process of transformation. It can influence the nature of acute illnesses and accidents, inheritance and money from other people. In this house, the Black Moon gives a person the ability, by working with subtle energies, to influence the cause of physical phenomena with his will, which often leads him to engage in black magic. In the eighth house, the strengthening of passive manifestations by the Black Moon forces us to appropriate and accumulate other people’s energy, which leads to the inability to use our own. There is dependence on others and vampirism. A person gets used to living at someone else’s expense, easily gets into debts, not considering it necessary to return them. The influence of the Black Moon on active manifestations leads to an inability to retain energy, pushes to the waste of both other people’s and their own funds. Such a person is often sought to be used for selfish purposes. He lends easily and most often does not get money back. In the eighth house, the Black Moon introduces fatality into circumstances associated with crises, accidents, illness and death, and can complicate the course of pregnancy and childbirth. It affects the sex life, causing various abnormalities, as well as frigidity or excessive sensuality. Often the Black Moon in the eighth house is found in the horoscopes of psychics, hypnotists and magicians who abuse their will.



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