Lilith in the 6th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

The cause of a person’s ailments is too strong emotional experiences. The aquatic environment of the body (lymphatic system) is polluted. Ways to improve – psychotherapy (getting rid of the subconscious mind from overcrowding with unspoken resentments, from suspicion), drinking plenty of fluids. Natural treatments – roots, herbs, honey. A person has an aptitude for medicine, feels herbs, can be a good nurse for bedridden patients, is disdainful. Witch doctor, nurse, very good veterinarian; may be busy in the service of everyday life – as in the case of the Moon in the 6th house – but to do dirtier work – to clean up garbage, etc. It is very difficult for a person to work in a team, usually he alone represents his area of work. Pets are not quite common: reptiles, reptiles.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

In the past, he caused other diseases, tortured animals. Will haunt rock for work and health reasons. Lilith in the 1st third of the 6th house often gives a fatal illness.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

With Lilith in the sixth house, a person is free to choose how to dispose of his care, health, work or work. How to behave in a subordinate role or with your colleagues. Such people are considered to be quite valuable workers who know how to put together benefits even in crisis situations. Why do they succeed? The Black Moon will answer – there are always many paths before a person, but whether he chooses humane or not humane depends on him. But, nevertheless, such a person cannot be fooled, not taken by cunning, offering an unfavorable contract or care and guardianship with a benefit. They surprisingly find a common language with animals and can accurately determine the cause or effect of their (or someone else’s) physical illness. Again, it’s up to him how to dispose of these opportunities. Extreme manifestations – workaholism, perfectionism, health care, reaching the point of absurdity, hyper – care of everyone and everything, or unemployment at will, neglect of health, idleness.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the sixth and twelfth houses symbolizes personal and impersonal service. In the sixth house, the Black Moon influences hierarchical relationships. It can disrupt the coherence of all body systems and lead to diseases. It affects the circumstances associated with caring for others, with daily work, relationships with superiors and subordinates, distorting the idea of subordination and domination. If the Black Moon is in the sixth house and the distortions caused by it are actively manifested, a person does not know how to obey, conflicts with the authorities and is authoritarian with subordinates, enjoying unquestioning obedience. There are times when, under the influence of the Black Moon, a person is forced to be active and devote all his time and energy to work to ensure his life. He is so involved in this process that professional duties and work relationships consume all his energy to the detriment of other aspects of life. At the same time, the inherent qualities of a person, distorted by the action of the Black Moon, prevent harmonious relationships with colleagues, and affect professional skills. Under the influence of the Black Moon, a person may experience a constant need to take care of someone, be it close people, a dog, a cat or aquarium fish. But this concern is obsessive, often inappropriate and sometimes takes away from a person all mental and physical strength, takes all his thoughts and makes it impossible to do something else. Sometimes a person completely surrenders himself to taking care of his health, runs to doctors, tries all kinds of methods of treatment and prevention, sits on diets. If the Black Moon in the sixth house manifests itself passively, a person obeys even when it is not needed. He fawns on his superiors, tries to please and serve everyone. In other cases, the Black Moon in the sixth house causes laziness, unwillingness to work and neglect of professional duties. A person cannot stand the daily routine, he is oppressed by the need to follow instructions from above, to work rationed working hours. It happens that a person does not want to work so much that “thanks” to the Black Moon, the very circumstances impede his employment. He does not know how and does not want to take care of loved ones, does not follow the rules of personal hygiene, if he falls ill, he avoids going to doctors, neglects treatment.



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