Lilith in the 5th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives exhibitionism, obscene entertainment. The sexual sphere of man is very strong. Trouble with children. Maternal feelings are either redundant or spasmodic: they doze for a long time, wake up spontaneously.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Punishment in children. Draws to destroy children, hatred of children. Crimes of love. Self-delusion with their supposedly incredible capabilities. Acts negatively in the use of free time. A person attaches great importance to personal freedom, sacrificing everything else for it.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

Relations with children, loved ones – these are the points of action of the forces of freedom and truth in human life. Freedom in choosing relationships with them can lead either to happy consequences or to disastrous ones, both for the person himself and for those close to him. A person is not limited by the framework of conventions and indispensable duties – does he use it for good? Creativity, recreation, entertainment – this is where he can show his talents. And whether he will become a free artist or a bootie free from all obligations – that is the question. Meeting people with such a disposition of Lilith, I can say that for the most part they hardly pass the way from the fifth to the seventh house. It is difficult for them to build relationships with their loved ones, they feel dissatisfaction with the existing situation and there are many opportunities ahead, beyond the distant horizon. They are carried away by this change of pictures before their eyes and it is difficult for them to maintain constancy, to limit their entertainment, to show a proper example to children. They seem to be walking in a vicious circle, hoping to break out of it. Following the path of least resistance, they fail to experience the joy of calm and stability. Therefore, often, with age, they devote their lives, for example, to creativity, a kind of free self-expression in something, and not in someone. What was enough for them to do before, but then they saw too beautiful, too distant and such an inaccessible horizon ahead … Extreme manifestations – a person who completely refuses worldly pleasures, does not give himself a minute of rest, believing that any entertainment is evil, or unnecessary , an irresponsible person who thinks only of himself and his pleasure, burning life in the eternal cycle of the holiday.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the fifth and eleventh houses symbolizes the relationship between the creative expression of the individual and group activities. In the fifth house, the Black Moon distorts the creative manifestations of a person. It influences his desire to be noticed and appreciated in society, his free time and entertainment, the birth of children and relationships with them, predetermines the nature of romantic attachments. If the Black Moon is in the fifth house and acts on active manifestations, a person makes great efforts to stand out from the crowd, to attract attention, which is most often inappropriate. An obsessive desire to constantly be in sight and the search for popularity irresistibly attracts him to the theatrical stage, the sports arena – to where he can realize his ambitions, which, as a rule, still remain unsatisfied. Such an action of the Black Moon does not allow a person to manifest harmoniously in the circumstances of the eleventh house: he is used to pulling the blanket over himself and is not able to be an equal member of the group. Under the influence of the Black Moon in the fifth house, a person can become a gambler, be exposed to sudden risks, get involved in speculation or dubious entertainment. He can often, but every time, fall passionately in love, but the ending of these romantic stories is rarely happy. Sometimes all a person’s energy is absorbed by caring for children, relationships with whom always have a strong emotional coloring. In this position of the Black Moon with children, there will certainly be any difficulties, at best due to the excessive nervous tension of the parent. If in the fifth house the Black Moon enhances passivity, a person loses the ability of adequate creative self-expression, seeks to get lost among people, painfully perceives attention to his person, sometimes avoiding any interaction with the team. He has no hobbies, he does not know what to do in his free time, languishing with boredom. Sometimes the action of the Black Moon can cause dislike for children and unwillingness to have their own. In the case of deep distortions in the sphere of the fifth house, the karmic absence of children, contrary to the wishes of a person, may be associated with the Black Moon.



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