Lilith in the 4th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives a restless old age. Home and relationship with mother are very important for a person. There are very strange situations with the origin and choice of place of residence. A person chooses dangerous places for shelter, and if the level of danger in this area is high enough, this allows him to maintain a vigorous state. Otherwise, there are sharp changes in relationships with loved ones. The energy that must be spent on safety is wasted on destruction. The need to live in nature, in a hut. At home, the functionality of different rooms is not supported. A person chooses one place where he eats, sleeps, etc., or changes this place all the time. Keeps many animals at home. May violate basic hygiene rules.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

It manifests itself strongly in negative relationships with parents. Pulls in a sexual sense to the mother (women – to the father). Your household is your enemy. Draws to destroy the house. Crime against the Motherland.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

A person has a strong subconscious, a strong connection with the past and family. But it is also a free expression of oneself in a parental or own family. And whether he will let this opportunity go for the good of the family or become a little house tyrant who takes advantage of his opportunities is his choice. In many ways, his family can help him, and in particular his mother. From such a person it is difficult to hide something from loved ones, he seems to see everything through and through. And whether he uses it in a good or a bad sense of the word – again depends on him and on how much he can withstand it, how skillfully he can turn negative into positive, without stumbling. or parental), seeing in this institution only negative aspects that infringe upon its freedom and independence, or a completely dependent on it, not an independent person who finds protection in the family from the world around him and, above all, from himself.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the fourth and tenth houses symbolizes home and profession, the interaction of personal and social life. In the fourth house, distortions caused by the action of the Black Moon are associated with inherited inclinations from parents, innate subconscious properties and skills. The Black Moon influences the atmosphere in the family and home, the attitude towards parents, homeland, national history. If the Black Moon is in the fourth house, this indicates the hereditary nature of the associated distortions of the zodiacal qualities and properties of the planets, that they are deeply rooted in the human subconscious and have acquired the character of stable skills. This position of the Black Moon aggravates ancestral karma, often complicates relationships with parents, prevents the creation of their own family, or introduces unusual and sometimes tragic circumstances into family life. If in the fourth house the Black Moon intensifies active manifestations, a person completely devotes his mental and physical strength to caring for the house. But he fails to make family life harmonious, since all his actions are distorted by the influence of the Black Moon. Sometimes it can affect life circumstances in such a way that a person has to sacrifice a career for the welfare of the family. If the Black Moon influences in the opposite way, household chores weigh on a person and seem to be an unnecessary burden, since all his aspirations are aimed at professional activity and acquiring a high social status. The Black Moon in the fourth house often generates a desire to emigrate.


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