Lilith in the 3rd house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– indicates excessive superstition, the influence of subconscious fears on thinking, as well as the ability to read information by facial expressions. A person subtly recognizes the hidden meanings associated with the feelings of the speaker. Can communicate with animals, with inanimate objects. Craving for forbidden information: prints out other people’s letters, peeps through the keyhole. He perceives occult information well, distinguishes the present from the lightweight in it.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Your demon is your relatives and neighbors. Promises misfortune, fateful coincidences, disorder of relations with neighbors and relatives. Draws to anonymous letters, denunciations, slander someone, slander. If Lilith is in good aspects, you will come out of these seductions with honor. If in the bad – this is the “abyss” into which you can fall.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

Freedom of speech, opportunities for intellectual growth, relationships with siblings and the environment beyond the friendly zone, travel. A person constantly opens his eyes to the consequences of his free intellectual expression, to relationships with people of the third house, to these people themselves. How will a person cope with these revelations? How easy will it be for him to perceive this sometimes unexpected information? Any negative directed towards him will be exposed instantly. Only whether he wants to act according to his conscience and principles or with some benefit is to decide and pay him. Extreme manifestations are a person who does not know how to build relationships with others, who is difficult to express his thoughts, or is overly immersed in his own intellectual development, very helpful and an obliging person, afraid to say an extra word.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the third and ninth houses symbolizes the form of interaction between objective and imaginative thinking, practical mind and worldview. In the third house, Black Moon distortions affect thinking and intelligence, communication, writing and speaking, nervous system, special education, and short travel. The action of the Black Moon determines the nature of everyday contacts and relationships with relatives and immediate environment. If in the third house the distortions caused by the action of the Black Moon are actively manifested, the person becomes overly involved in the circumstances associated with the development and application of the practical mind. Such a position of the Black Moon can predetermine a person’s choice of a profession related to words or media, technical science, etc. Intelligence dominates intuition and abstract thinking to such an extent, guides a person’s feelings and emotions, which reduces the ability to visual perception, worldview becomes overly pragmatic and narrow. There may be a constant need to exchange information, talkativeness and hyper-sociability, leading to promiscuity in contacts. If under the influence of the Black Moon in the third house passivity increases, then difficulties arise with concretization, assimilation of practical knowledge. This becomes noticeable already in primary school and complicates continuing education. At the same time, the manifestations of the ninth house are distorted – a person hovers among amorphous ideas, divorced from reality, which he cannot clearly understand. Nervous system disorders can be associated with the presence of the Black Moon in the third house. Its influence on a person is intensified during communication with the closest environment and relatives, brings unexpected news and trips.



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