Lilith in the 1st house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person thinks that everyone around is hiding their own feelings, the world is full of hypocrisy, and real life – energetic, full-blooded – proceeds in shelter. There is a need to remove these covers, to get to the bottom of the very nature of life. The behavior is marked by naturalism and avoidance of conventions, as they seem to be pretense. In the presence of such a person, people feel the need to express their feelings. Psychological gift, vision of emotional mechanisms, their connections up to the physiological level. Good understanding of basic life needs. The beginning of life is usually unsweetened, as a rule, devoid of normal civilized conditions and at the same time close to nature (there may be childbirth in the field). Difficulties in relations with the mother (the mother may even abandon the child, being in an aggressive or depressed state).

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

You pay with your personality, with your self. Craving for sinfulness, self-deception and self-torture – this is what torments your soul. You are truly possessed by demons that corrupt your soul. You are a puppet in their hands.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

A person has a lot of opportunities to express himself, his essence as he pleases. He is free and free in the manifestation of his personality, in the manner of behavior, in interaction with society and the surrounding reality. And at the same time he sees the results of what he does. Moreover, the results are such that he probably did not even suspect, that he missed, did not calculate, and that he may not like at all. What does a person do? Takes note of these signals and further eliminates negative premises and optimizes positive aspects? Takes for granted the “voice of fate” and cultivates a bunch of complexes and subsequently experiences difficulties in self-expression? Or does he go in defiance of everything, indulging his Ego, closing his eyes to all and, as a result, having received blow after blow, does not stand it and falls into the deepest depression? It depends on the person himself. There are many ways out, as well as the amount of freedom. Extreme manifestations – an incredibly notorious, not able to present himself and build relationships with society, a person, or a person who is always engaged in posturing and, by all means, striving to impress the public, is not always successful …

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the first and seventh houses symbolizes the I-Thou relationship. Being in one of these houses, the Black Moon does not allow to establish a balance between them. In the first house, the distortions caused by the Black Moon are manifested in the manners and behavior of a person, affect his activity and temperament, affect his self-image and the ability to make subjective judgments. The deep fall of a person, associated with the manifestations of qualities distorted by the Black Moon, can affect his physical body and appearance. If the Black Moon stands in the first house and enhances the active manifestations of a person, he becomes too subjective, self-confident, quick-tempered, aggressive, strives for leadership and does not consider others. These personal qualities inevitably manifest themselves in communication with partners, which leads to complications and even to the rupture of relationships. If the Black Moon makes a person too passive in the circumstances of the first house, this also interferes with harmonious interaction with people – he comes across powerful and selfish partners who seek to control him and take away the initiative. In such a position of the Black Moon, a person evades personal responsibility and seeks to shift it onto others, easily falls under someone else’s influence.