Lilith in the 12th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives heavy, fatal influences of society. Usually, a person early feels all the social hardships in a given culture, in society. He is in trouble in the family, one of the family members is mentally abnormal. He passionately wants to confess to someone, then again he accumulates sins. Seeks unity with nature. He wants to live in nature, to break away from society, to break with humanity.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

The biggest secret enemies are envy, secret hatred. For everything light and pure, such people have a Pithecanthropus complex: “I see – I’m afraid. I don’t understand – I hate – I strive to destroy. If I cannot destroy, then I bow down. Where I can – there I will take revenge. ” Lilith in the XII house can give the ability to use secret powers, can give power over black forces, the ability to command them. Gives pessimism, disappointment, dissatisfaction with life. If in bad aspects with Mars or Saturn, threatens with imprisonment, prison.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

A person with this position of Lilith in the horoscope, meeting with deceptions, fears, illusions, utopian ideas, immediately sees the true cause, effect and result. As a result, he opens his eyes primarily to himself. Therefore, it is easiest for such people to analyze the events taking place around them in complete loneliness, the ways of achieving which they have plenty of. It is difficult to talk with a person who has a Black Moon in the twelfth house, about his secret desires, fears, the reasons for his peculiar reaction to the surrounding reality, about his subconscious or conscious aspirations. Secluded places, isolated institutions – this is where he begins to see the inside out, first of all himself. He begins to think about what he needs for personal self-expression, for personal activity, in order to be in unity with this world, and not a detached particle. Is he ready to live by the rules of this society, to follow not only his own benefit? Or acting in spite of it, he may face the fact that loneliness, isolation will be forced and necessary. And already in this position, he will analyze himself and his life. But in any case, he is already on his way to the first house, which has its own tasks and problems. Extreme manifestations – complete loneliness, withdrawal into oneself, religion, transcendental dreams, constant, unfounded fears and panic states, or fear of being alone and searching yourself in the most incredible and sometimes destructive states, alcohol, drug abuse, etc.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the sixth and twelfth houses symbolizes personal and impersonal service. In the twelfth house, the Black Moon influences the unconscious of a person, distorts his ideas about mercy and sacrifice, prevents moral cleansing and liberation from the old and unnecessary. It can cause mental disorders and chronic illness, involve in intrigues and secret affairs, predetermine loneliness, limitations or being in isolation. If in the twelfth house the distortions caused by the action of the Black Moon are active, a person initiates intrigues, participates in secret societies. He has an obsessive tendency to surround everything with an aura of mystery. Such a position of the Black Moon can predetermine the choice of a profession associated with intelligence services, a hospital, a prison. The Black Moon distorts the concept of sacrificial service and mercy. Under its influence, a person makes senseless and inappropriate sacrifices, becomes someone’s secret patron, turns out to be a zealous participant or even organizer of a closed religious sect or a dubious pseudo-occult society. If the manifestations of the Black Moon in the twelfth house are passive, a person may experience unconscious fears associated with loneliness or with a forced limitation of freedom, for example, with a hospital stay. He unconsciously avoids everything mystical and mysterious, that which lies outside the real world. The Black Moon in the twelfth house interferes with the establishment of a connection with the superconscious and interferes with hearing a voice from above. A person feels the influence of the dense layers of the collective unconscious, sometimes believing that he is the chosen guide of the higher worlds. This influence of the Black Moon makes a person suggestible and manageable at an unconscious level. While in the twelfth house, the Black Moon makes certain events associated with it inevitable. These can be chronic diseases, mental disorders, hospital stays, places of detention or emigration.