Lilith in the 11th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

A person looks for friends among asocial elements, makes scandals in a company, with his daring behavior he is able to solve an urgent problem. Likes to distort public opinion. Can chronicle incidents in tabloid newspapers.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Social life will seduce. Betrayal of everything new, retrogradeness – it does not advance and does not give to others. “Eater of Karma”. “We should have put him in, but they have put a neighbor.” Promises misfortune with friends and family. There may be betrayals and lies of friends. He can betray himself. Mistrust of friends and relatives, a terrible suspicion can form. Biovampirism – makes others live with its problems.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

People who meet me with such a position of Lilith, for the most part, are very unhappy in friendly relations, their plans and ideas are rarely adequately perceived by people. What, in our understanding, is a betrayal, they feel a little earlier than other people. And they have time to think over and weigh everything, to make a decision. This has both pros and cons. The injustice of the world is visible to them in the brightest light and from their own experience. They, like no one else, know the value of friendship, social relations, plans, ideas, desires to achieve sometimes unattainable. It is hardest for them to accept deception from people close enough to him, because he comes to them in the darkest light. What will the person do? Will he turn away from everyone and withdraw into himself? Or will he take these lessons of fate as an opportunity for further personal growth? Will this reality be a catalyst for self-improvement processes or a brake on development? Extreme manifestations – such people either have no friends at all, are afraid of everything new, are extremely conservative, do not make plans, because they know that they are not destined to come true anyway, or they give everything themselves to friendly and social relations, are surprisingly inventive and try, at all costs, to realize their plans at any cost.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the fifth and eleventh houses symbolizes the relationship between the creative expression of the individual and group activities. In the eleventh house, the qualities distorted by the Black Moon are manifested in relation to universal values. They condition ideals, dreams, hopes and beliefs about happiness. The Black Moon influences the relationship of a person with like-minded people, determines his place in their circle and the nature of social activities. If in the eleventh house the Black Moon acts on active manifestations, the person is completely absorbed by social activities. Ot seeks to unite people close to him in the way of thinking in order to lead any undertaking. However, promising projects may be unsuccessful because they are unrealistic. Under the influence of the Black Moon, a person sometimes cares too much about his popularity in a group of like-minded people, tries to stand out and take a leading position among them, does not tolerate another leader next to him. A person is driven by an irresistible desire to change everything around him, he is inclined to inspire his friends with his ideas and impose plans for their implementation, but plans are often upset, the formed groups become obsolete and disintegrate. If in the eleventh house the Black Moon enhances passivity, dreams and ideals of a person are mainly conditioned by the environment, it is difficult for him to find friends and like-minded people. Despite his dissatisfaction with life, he does not try to change anything. There are times when, under the influence of the Black Moon, a person cannot stand interaction with a team and he hates everything that is associated with group activities. Under the influence of the Black Moon in the eleventh house, life circumstances often develop in such a way that dreams turn out to be unrealizable, plans are unrealistic, and friends are unreliable. The Black Moon distorts the aspirations and ideals of a person, his ideas about happiness.