Lilith in the 10th house


B. Israelite. Planets in houses

– gives scandalous popularity. A veterinarian, a nurse for “incurable” patients, an orderly in a psychiatric hospital, a clerk at a zoo. If there is a connection with the VIII house, – a butcher, vivisector, surgeon, organizer of shelters, food points for the homeless.

Larisa Nazarova. Karmic astrology

Betrayal of the father (mother), a black goal, a black deed. Can be an executioner – a pester. He does evil and is aware of it. He gladly adds scale to evil. The path to the goal leads through the suffering and death of other people. Such a person will be haunted by terrible fame, bad rumors. He can rise to high steps, but this rise is accompanied by terrible collisions.

Milova I.I.Lilith in the houses of the horoscope

Such a position of Lilith can give both genius schemers, successful leaders, strong leaders, and clever swindlers, scammers. Having learned to use the information provided and, qualitatively realizing huge opportunities in the field of career growth, leadership, personal development, etc., a person is able to reach both unprecedented heights and an unthinkable bottom of life. Also, a lot of important things in a person’s life depend on his relationship with his father or a person who is an authority for him in everything. Will a person stand? Will he cope? Will not succumb to the temptations of life to crush everything exclusively for yourself? The outcome of the case and the events of the individual’s life depend on this. Extreme manifestations are the inability to focus on the main thing, the rejection of the main roles in the career, the inability to achieve the desired horizons, or sacrifice everything for the sake of success, goals, career growth, etc.

Galina Volzhina. Black Moon in houses

The axis of the fourth and tenth houses symbolizes home and profession, the interaction of personal and social life. In the tenth house, distortions caused by the Black Moon affect a person’s vocation and professional activities, his career, reputation, position in society, relations with authorities and employers, and how he uses his power. Here the Black Moon determines the choice of the goal, the way to achieve practical results. If the Black Moon is in the tenth house and influences active manifestations, the ambitious desire for power and honor becomes irresistible. A person is trying with all his might to make a career, take a leadership position and a high social position. It is typical for him to achieve any set goal, regardless of any obstacles. Social self-realization completely absorbs a person to the detriment of family life. Under the influence of the Black Moon, various abuses of personal power arise. At the same time, it is not at all necessary that the owner of the Black Moon in the tenth house holds a high position – he can be a domestic tyrant who keeps the whole family in fear. If the Black Moon intensifies passivity, a person does not strive for anything, does not have a life purpose and achieves practical results with difficulty. Avoiding responsibility and high positions, he is able to act only at the direction of his superiors. Sometimes, in the sphere of the tenth house, circumstances simply force a person to passivity – he is subordinate to a strictly boss who does not allow initiative. In the tenth house, the Black Moon may indicate the oppressive nature of one of the parents. Sometimes it causes a sudden loss of social standing or reputation.



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