Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 9 & 7


A pairing between these two life path numbers can be pegged somewhere at middle ground. The compatibility of this match is neutral at best, however, it is not impossible to join these two and keep them united as they have a couple of things in common and they might also share some similar characteristics and desires.

Provided that this couple will be able to withstand the challenge of keeping harmony in their relationship then the more likely outcome would be desirable. On a more positive note, this pairing has the potential to build a financially stable future coupled with meaningful dreams to look forward to.

What’s more is that by formulating common objectives and priorities for their relationship, these two might just be able to bridge any gaps or personal differences they might have. This in turn can also help reduce tension and emotional strain between the couple by giving greater chance for the relationship to survive.

Though it may be difficult to keep the fire burning with this pairing what with their opposite characteristics and priorities, it can still be saved with a considerable amount of respect and support as they will both need to happily grow together as a united and matured couple. This, however, must be done while still being able to preserve their identities as two separate persons.

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