Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 9 & 4


The combination for this partnership can be arduous and stretching as the chances of this union working out for the better is a bit far-reaching because of all the opposing forces against them.

The key differences of each one’s character become more pronounced when the two of them connect together and making this relationship last requires tremendous effort and work from both parties. There will be various times that you won’t be able to see each other eye to eye since you both have radical views on so many things that are opposing to each other.

To be a successful union, other factors in your numerological chart should be compatible with your partner in order to facilitate better relationship compatibility.

The four’s inherent pragmatism and grounded nature will typically go against the nine’s unbinding idealism, which can create a lot of instances where they are at loggerheads at each other. Most times, nines will have a hard time accepting the reality as it is and they will typically go through a denial phase before they are able to fully accept something.

This, however, frustrates fours since they always employ a no-nonsense approach when facing the real world. Fours have to learn to be more flexible in order to accommodate the nine’s quirks while nines should learn when to just accept things or to let go. These traits are just one of the few characteristics that these two pairs should work on.

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