Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 9 & 3


The compatibility of nine and three is a moderate one at best. You both have imaginative minds that have the ability to surpass life’s realities making it easier for the two of you to resort to escapism when presented with formidable problems that can be too much to bear. If one of you manages to come down to earth from time to time to face the relationship’s difficulties then the relationship can be better fortified.

Conversely, you can also easily entertain each other at length even if your environment is not conducive to fun. You and your partner’s fertile minds are a playground for a host of things that can keep both of you amused even if you’re both left to your own devices.

However, both of you also have the tendency to look inward and to be self-centred in thinking that each one’s self should precede the other. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make you less compatible with your partner, as you both know this for yourself. Everything can also be easily smoothed out as long as both of you share the limelight with each other.

Inwardly, you have mutual respect for each other since you fully well know what the other is really like. This kind of understanding definitely makes you more accepting of the other’s foibles, as you tend to be guilty of it too. In spite of this fact, remember to refrain from being too competitive as this can definitely hurt the other’s ego.

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