Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 8 & 9


The eight and nine pairing is a match that’s not well suited at all to each other. The eight may typically show off a less caring attitude in the relationship as he or she can be too caught up in accumulating material possessions and this will most likely hurt the sensitive nine.

Both of them have the tendency to hinder each other’s success as the nine’s general perspective is always in opposition to the eight’s domineering drive with regards to planning for the future.

This combined attitude will most likely lead to nowhere unless they learn and understand the need for each other’s space. Nine, on his or her part must manage any feelings of insecurity, oversensitivity and jealousy while eight should learn to rein in his or her tendency to control and be overbearing.

In addition, keeping the fire burning in this combination is difficult and it also usually results in a union that’s short lived. However, as long as the negative implications of both personalities are managed effectively they can utilize their differences in a way as to supplement each other’s weakness then this combination has the chance of working out.

If the relationship endures these obstacles and eight has won the heart of the nine fully then there will be no shortage of love in this partnership as the nine can be a self-sacrificing, generous and caring partner.

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