Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 8 & 8


The 8 and 8 match is an all-around superb pairing since they fair well not only in the romance department but also on the business side as well. Eights are typically natural leaders who thrive well in settings where they can exercise their need to guide people or a particular business venture.

Because of this, you will know how to support each other since you hold the same important things in life. In addition, you basically have the same long-term goals so each of you understands the challenges the other needs to get over before being able to commit fully into the relationship.

However, problems may arise when you get too envious of each other’s success and as such, converts the relationship into one competitive game. This is not only destructive but can prove to be too intoxicating as well, to both of you.

Any kind of success that the other achieves should be dealt with constructive assistance in order for him or her to attain greater heights. Some eights may find this unviable especially if they’re still too caught up in the consummation of their own desires. Nevertheless, one can be happy for the other without having to sacrifice his or her aspirations in life.

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