Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 8 & 5


A eight and five combination is quite a difficult one because there’s really nothing much in common between the two where both can touch on emotionally or intellectually.

Fives are typically vivacious people who powerfully feel the zest of life while eights are almost always rigid and assertive in most areas in their life. This particular difference will spell a lot of problems even at the initial stage of the relationship since the former does not like to be dominated while eights like to be the boss even in their personal relationships as they are so used to being one outside of it.

Despite these odds, this relationship can work if both put in the time to compromise to take on the middle ground in their relationship. What’s more is that fives are typically trusting people which can frustrate eights a lot since they are good judges of character.

Five’s random nature is also a source of strife especially since eight will usually act as an overbearing parent disciplining an unruly child. This will not sit well with a five since they are so used to being their own person as they can have a bit of an independent streak and they duly think that they don’t need anything from anybody.

To be able to keep this relationship alive then the five should learn to acquiesce a bit of their freedom more while the eight should keep from being too intolerant of his or her partner’s mistakes.

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