Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 8 & 4


A partnership between eight and four is definitely a force to reckon with. You two are extremely compatible together because of the way you complement each other. Fours are typically great providers while eights are great nurturers with their sensitive and instinctive nature, which definitely makes for a peaceful and harmonious home since all the basics are covered.

You balance each other out since both of you has what the other lacks. Moreover, you complement each other beautifully because 4’s pragmatism equalizes 8’s tendency to base more on the feeling side. Fours are inherently laidback people but still never fail to put in hard work and this works well the temperament of twos, who are natural peacemakers.

This is definitely one superbly matched relationship although it is not without difficulties. As with every love affair, both parties should never take each other for granted even though each one thinks that they know the other person too well. If the couple manages to keep from slipping into too much comfort in their relationship that can resemble friendship more than a romantic partnership then they’re bound to greater heights.

Nonetheless, there’s a lot of potential when both of these numbers link together since they both impart so much to each other that can help them progress into exponential growths emotionally and mentally. This is one couple that will put their family ahead of their lives’ other affairs so home life will definitely be meaningful and deep.

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