Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 8 & 1


The matching of eight and one is not that good romantically but on the other hand, it can be a great match in a business venture. Most of the time, one can obtain necessary financial support to achieve the proposal designed by the eight.

With regards to love, this combination will become a disaster. Both numbers are overly sensitive and emotional as well. These two can be very demanding, which usually results to a messy power struggle. Moreover, this couple has the tendency to become impractical in some way. Either one or the other expects unrealistically from each other.

They may also tend to have false beliefs about the true identity of one another. Any ensuing break-up from this couple more often than not, leads to a terrible situation or may also involve obsession, retaliation and some other damaging behaviour.

This life path combination consists of two stubborn individuals who are mutually strong willed, demanding and overly exacting. Two leaders in a group often cause emotional distress and unhealthy competition. Both expect no smaller amount of respect and value. They want the same amount of dish served on a silver platter and none of them wants to be controlled by the other since being a subordinate of the other is unacceptable.

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