Numerology compatibility: Path Numbers 7 & 8


The seven and eight pairing is quite the unusual one as their attraction is most likely based on temporal feelings and physical attraction rather than an emotional one.

The seven should understand the need of the eight’s desire to attempt new quests, take risks, and sometimes undertake unfamiliar domains in order to be a more fitting leader. Likewise, seven should recognize the eight’s need to have a secure and stable life since wealth is one important aspect of his or her life.

Moreover, this couple may share similar interests but criticisms and comments are not welcomed as it can often come across as an attack more often than not.

A happy ending can only be achieved with mutual cooperation when it comes to bargaining and agreeing on certain matters in the relationship. If not, the love story of these two people may end up in a tragedy.

This relationship may be a tad too difficult to maintain but with extra effort, understanding, respect and patience, this couple can endure any hardships that they may encounter. By doing this, they will be one step ahead in keeping the relationship intact, thriving and long lasting.

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