Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 7 & 7


A seven and seven partnership’s compatibility is a near match made in heaven. You and your significant other almost have the otherworldly ability to intuit the other’s psyche since you see so much of yourself on your partner.

Moreover, your similar interests contribute a lot to the strengthening of your bond since the two of you are pretty much enamoured by the unknown and the mysterious. This is one couple that will go to great lengths to explore the uncharted world out there and this cements the emotional connection between the two of you.

In times of uncertainty or privacy, the two of you know how to slow down and un-mend yourselves for a time of rejuvenation. This pairing is definitely something to reckon with. It is one of the deepest partnerships out there since these two are privy to each other’s innermost depths without having to totally bare themselves to each other either emotionally or intellectually.

A match between these two can often be termed as “soul mates” because both will feel that they have finally found someone who really understands them, and whom they understand in return. There are definitely a lot of possibilities this partnership can fully explore.

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