Numerology compatibility: Life Path Numbers 7 & 5


One partnership that poses great potential and excellent compatibility is the one between seven and five. These two know what each others wants and needs so it’s easier to fulfil any void that any partner may feel prior or during the course of their relationship.

With these two together, they will typically meld into each other beautifully since sevens need plenty of time alone while fives would rather go out and about and flit across their various social circles. Sevens are rather low-maintenance people and this works well with fives since they don’t like something to take too much of their time since that means taking time away from their precious time living untethered.

Together, this pairing also has a lot of common interests between them and this helps in keeping the fire alive in their union. They would most likely enjoy exploring their passions together as each one supports and respects the other’s choices very much.

Moreover, they prove to be a good intellectual and emotional match since both are quite stable and healthy when it comes to their inner sentiments. There is a big chance that this pairing is for keeps as it has all the makings of a strong and thriving relationship. This relationship has the capacity to withstand the test of times and there is ample growth to be achieved in this union.

Best of all, the two of you have what it takes to overcome any potential road blocks you may encounter in the course of your relationship. Problems may arise when both of you gets stuck in rigid perceptions that can stunt your relationship’s growth. Sevens don’t typically form easy relationships but fours have the patience and tenacious approach that works well with a seven’s character.

With a committed four by a seven’s side, the latter will be able to maintain his or her independence even if he or she commits to a long-term relationship with the former. Both are quite well suited for a life of marriage as they have the abilities to learn and build the ropes of a stable home.

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