Life Path Numbers 6 & 8


The partnership between six and eight is quite a positive one because both have realistic and responsible personalities. They know pretty well how to take care of each other as they can easily anticipate each one’s needs or wants.

The main characteristic of six is a caring nature while eight thrives in a leadership role, which suits the two together. However, too much dependence of the six to his or her partner may foster an unhealthy reliance that can result in eight’s taking advantage of six. This kills both the ardour essential in sustaining a relationship, stunting the opportunity for individual growth and development.

As long as each life path number’s negative characteristics are minimized, this pair will make a wonderful combination that’s definitely worth the effort. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that the eight values his or her authoritative role so much and he or she dislikes the feeling of being the one subverted.

This can happen if ever the six takes on the brunt of too much of the responsibility. If these negative traits of both numbers are put under control, the relationship can grow deeper and more mature with relative ease. Both partners should learn ways how to handle their weaker traits so as to achieve satisfactory results as a unit and also for their own individual benefit.