Life Path Numbers 5 & 6


A 5 and 6 partnership is a very passionate one that could either flame out or burn into a razing fire that consumes both of them. These two are great complements of each other as long as they make an effort to understand each other’s oddities.

Although your personalities are on the opposite side of the spectrum, you can try to meet in the middle by compromising parts of your personalities in order to achieve a more harmonious relationship. Refrain from being too headstrong, as this will make the other clamp up more, instead espouse a giving situation where both of you can compromise for the sake of the other.

Fives are freedom-loving people while sixes are people who possess a lot of compassion in their heart for other people that’s why it can be hard for both to achieve a point of agreement when it comes to approach in handling people.

Moreover, the carefree spirit of five is a definite conflicting trait with the six’s willingness to take on responsibility. This disparate disposition about life in general can be a source of many disagreements in the future. Six will be hard-pressed to make the five settle down, as he or she is one free willing person who likes change and hates stale, boring routines.

A good future is only ensured when the two of you makes a conscious effort in being accepting and flexible of each other’s defining characteristics. Despite all that can go wrong, this is a relationship with plenty of promise.