Life Path Numbers 5 & 5


The pairing between 5 and 5 is one pleasant match. The relationship takes on a more easy-going atmosphere, as both fives are freedom-loving individuals who yearn and crave independence in their lives.

These two are pretty tolerant people since they are pretty adaptable and open to a host of new experiences. In spite this, both of you have what it takes to take your commitment seriously since you two are aware of how good you are for each other.

This kind of devotion plays well to the grander scheme of things of your relationship for the reason that you can weather any such storms that may come your way. If there were two obstacles that may prove to be detrimental in your relationship, it would be both of your tendencies to excess freewheeling attitude and impractical approach on life’s general matters.

Since both of you are quite open-minded people, it is a possible occurrence that one of you may influence the other to veer away from the tried and tested path of functionality.

In any relationship, there should always be a balance between what’s practical and what activities are deemed too risky in order to keep the two of you from falling off of life’s right direction.