Life Path Numbers 5 & 4


The partnership between these two numbers is definitely a taxing one. It is full of tests as each person’s weakness magnifies any difficulties that they may face. However, if the two of you play up your strengths to the best of your abilities then this can definitely help leverage any kind of damage wreaked by either of the couple’s weakness.

In spite of this, the relationship can pretty much thrive as long as both refrain from tackling uncharted paths that can put the other party to edge as results can range from the unfavourable to the extremely negative. Although these kinds of things are inevitable in any relationship, it is worth noting that the two of you should proceed with caution in any kind of unknown undertakings.

In most of the problems this partnership will face, 4 will be more likely to sit back and let 5 take the initiative, causing frustration to the latter. If this continues on without any potential change imminent for the 4 then this could invariably bring the relationship into a standstill or worse, to an end.

However, if 5 accepts the fact that 4s need a stable environment to be able to act proactively and the 4 accepts that 5s have a propensity for taking on risks and new things then they’ll be able to take their relationship forward. This relationship will be able to endure hard times as long as both are willing to compromise that each one’s distinct traits is part of who they really are.