Life Path Numbers 5 & 3


The life path match of five and three makes a wonderful combination. These two individuals get along very well with each other, as they both understand the importance of open communication, which makes each other’s presence interesting and delightful.

Their love for social activities, travels and adventures saves the union from the path of boredom. Three and five’s partnership is a match with one of the greatest compatibility along with the least undesirable implications. However, as both have so much in common, which includes both their positive and negative characteristics, the tendency is that they may end up heightening and aggravating each other’s weakness and negative traits.

There may also be a little problem when it comes to productivity, as both are more inclined to interact with other people rather than taking responsibilities or preparing for the future.

The tandem that the five and three brings is one of gregariousness and friendliness. These two personalities can bring each other under the limelight. This is a good scenario but it may also result in jealousy as each one struggles to stay and play under the glare of fame, thereby causing an awkward and competitive atmosphere between the two.

In addition, though both individuals have the ability to communicate well, there may be instances when one or both does not want to express an inner issue verbally.