Life Path Numbers 4 & 7


With four and seven together, the combination is definitely a good one as they can provide any lacking qualities that the other partner does not possess. The four’s earthy feel definitely matches with the seven’s spiritual sense. A four can help a seven back to the ground if ever he or she proves to have his or head head too much in the clouds.

This kind of setup provides a safety net in the relationship, as the other is more than willing to complement the actions of the other partner. Moreover, this relationship is far from a dull one as both of your differing traits give off a fresh sense of interest to the other party.

Best of all, the two of you have what it takes to overcome any potential road blocks you may encounter in the course of your relationship. Problems may arise when both of you gets stuck in rigid perceptions that can stunt your relationship’s growth.

Sevens don’t typically form easy relationships but fours have the patience and tenacious approach that works well with a seven’s character. With a committed four by a seven’s side, the latter will be able to maintain his or her independence even if he or she commits to a long-term relationship with the former. Both are quite well suited for a life of marriage as they have the abilities to learn and build the ropes of a stable home.