Life Path Numbers 4 & 6


A romantic alliance between a four and a six is a suitable one. There are few characteristics that these two don’t share as they present two parallels that pose considerable similarities between the two.

The way into a consummate relationship is pegged with various hardships although it remains that this partnership has what it takes to stand the test of time as long as both compromise and are willing to work out any kinks in their relationship.

Moreover, the potential here is promising since both of you can propel each other to higher places since there’s plenty to learn from each other. Sixes are caring people who have a penchant for taking on obligations while fours are typically grounded people who prefer to stay firm in whatever aspect of their life.

The key to making this partnership sustainable for the long term is to develop a system of give and take wherein the other party gives an ample space and acceptance whenever his or her partner acts up in a contrary way to what he or she is prone to do.

If you’re a four, do know that sixes are naturally optimistic people who like looking at the bright side of things so it’s not like they’re purposely living in denial, they just prefer to practice positivity as a way to cope with their daily lives. For the sixes out there, remember that fours are controlled and utilitarian people who prefer seeing things as it is, without the rose-colored glasses.