Life Path Numbers 4 & 3


Life path three when joined together with a person whose life path is four can either lead to a disastrous partnership or a promising one. The three is an adventurous, optimistic and enthusiastic individual who loves taking risks. These characteristics do not blend in seamlessly with the number four’s grounded, rigid and inflexible nature.

The four requires discipline and focus when it comes to work, which is less than contrary to the number three’s approach of a happy-go-lucky attitude. These contrasting traits may either balance out the relationship or result in a negative possibility as it may cause misunderstandings and unending clashes.

In dealing and handling life challenges especially with regards to material shortcomings, conflict may arise as the three’s approach is less serious while the four on the other hand, is very much systematic, practical and definite.

Furthermore, the four has already made plans for the future and this by all means should be implemented. It may seem beneficial for the lax three as it gives him or her a guide or purpose in life, which is lacking.

However, it may also bring out instances where the three may feel smothered with the strict and detailed plans of four. This in turn, can make the four disappointed with the lack of effort, discipline and responsibility of the number three.