Life Path Numbers 4 & 1


In numerology, life path number four and one makes a challenging combination. The relationship may stand firm for a long period of time with their positive characteristics combined but it will more likely eventually crash and burn in an instant if taken for granted.

The four in this pair may show off too much insecurity making the one very uneasy and nervous. At times, the four can be very controlling, which makes him or her a competition for number one who also wants to be in control. Most often than not, the end result of this disastrous relationship are two broken hearts with a lot of hardly comprehensible karmic lessons.

This may portray a situation in which there is always somebody who needs to feel needed by the other person, thus creating an unhealthy relationship to be in. In some instances, this pairing can flourish as long as the one does not take or initiate a path of uncertainty with dangerous and doubtful consequences as the four is an individual who has everything already planned out for the long-term and is determined to stick to it.

It is very important for these two to respect each other’s needs and personalities in order for the relationship to work out for the better.