Life Path Numbers 3 & 7


Two people who have life path number three and seven will find it quite challenging to meld their life direction due to diverging paths. It is, however, a compelling match that can either defy or succumb to the odds surrounding their partnership.

They are essentially two disparate people, as three people tend to be always on the move and whose life is filled with social events while those who have the life path number seven are private people who prefer muted surroundings rather than noisy ones. Most often than not, they will tend to withdraw from human contact in numerous occasions just to be able to get their bearings back when socializing with other people.

These two might frequently find themselves in opposing views from each other as each one comes from a whole other perspective. They have different essential qualities that might engender a lot of trivial discussions between the two. This relationship can either be a one roller coaster ride or a match made in heaven. There are only two extremes to choose from since this a partnership that can never stay neutral.

In spite the odds stacked against the union between a three and a seven, it still definitely has a potential to last for long-term as far as each person is willing to compromise and accept that they will never be as same as two reflections in a mirror that evinces each one’s likeness.