Life Path Numbers 3 & 3


The pairing between life path 3 and 3 is one stimulating ride. Both have easy, laid back natures that go well with their creative drives. You know how to make each other happy since you get along dynamically.

Being free-spirited individuals, you know how to give each other enough space to socialize with other people, as this is one of the core needs of threes. This kind of understanding makes for a smooth and stable relationship since you inherently know how to support one another. Moreover, this relationship has a lot of fun moments that bring out the best of your personalities.

However, problems may arise when it comes to taking care of the practical and mundane things, as both of you are hesitant to wade through these matters. This couple’s tendency to maintain a light hearted approach to things can tax the relationship’s depth as a lot of issues are frequently left unresolved. Since the two of you are so much alike, it is hard to get anything done when both of you are feeling volatile.

If this particular problem festers, it might prove to be detrimental to your relationship’s well being as there is no balance of differences to keep the other from falling.