Life Path Numbers 2 & 9


A two and nine match provides a picture of a challenging and demanding combination. These individuals do not get along very well when it comes to romance. Although they are equally loving and caring people, they show much indifference with regards to what each other wants especially when it pertains to priorities they have set for themselves.

The nine’s concentration is more likely directed in doing humanitarian and philanthropic activities which his or her community can benefit from while the two is more often than not emotional and is focused only on the well being of the specific person he or she cares about.

In addition, number two is open and easy-going in showing affection while number nine is more cautious and withdrawn in matters of the heart. Much effort is required to achieve a satisfactory and long lasting relationship with this combination.

Oddly, when it comes to other partnerships other than romance, such as in business, the two and nine combination will particularly hit it off. They’ll be able to form successful bonds with the melding of their minds. In the love aspect, the nine for some reason, becomes a little bit of hesitant in expressing his or her affection that makes him maintain a safe distance causing the relationship with the two to crumble.