Life Path Numbers 2 & 8


The pairing of the life paths two and eight works out very well in general. With this combination, there is a clear vision and understanding of each other’s roles in maintaining the relationship. It provides a picture of a conventional family type where the 8 is more likely to be the caretaker of finances while the two is light of the house who takes care of the family’s well being.

The positive personality traits of these individuals when combined together can create a prosperous, balanced and harmonious relationship. The strengths of one complement the other, which can result to a traditional, rewarding and long lasting family bond. In addition, two and eight mutually understand their desires in life, which for them, is geared towards being able to build their own stable family and strengthening its foundation.

However, there are hindrances in achieving this common objective as eight may become too busy spending a lot of time doing other things, leaving the two in solitude and feeling disregarded. If this continues, the two may become more and more demanding so as to fulfil his or her emotional needs which may occasionally suffocate the other.

It is essential for both partners to keep the balance with regards to the time they spend together and the effort they expend in realizing common goals. When these obstacles and misunderstandings are encompassed, a bright future awaits the two.