Life Path Numbers 2 & 7


The chemistry of two and seven is a middle combination where the heart meets the mind and sensitivity comes across with logic. It is a unique union of intuition and intelligence as these two numbers rarely exhibit even the smallest degree of curiosity in each other.

These life paths have different and at times opposing characteristics, thus requiring ample amount of effort and compromise to keep the relationship strong and long lasting. As soon as there is attraction present between these individuals, the outcome is most likely an interaction of different energies that may be able to initiate a great bond that can last a lifetime.

The challenge however, starts at the beginning of the relationship where both can have a hard time patching up their personal differences. Relating and understanding each other’s way of thinking may seem complicated, making the start of this relationship a rocky phase.

Furthermore, the two has the kind of affection, which is calm and yielding, idealistic and passionate, sensitive and candid at the same time. The seven’s love on the other hand, requires a lot of effort to earn as he or she is more of a realist who does not believe in falling in love so effortlessly. Once the crucial start of getting to know and understanding each other’s personalities had been overcome, it is more likely that this relationship will stand stronger and sweeter each day.

It may take years and years of work and struggle to establish this kind of emotional attachment. Conversely, it will also take a huge amount of force to break this bond. The key points to keep this hard earned companionship include flexibility, trust, perseverance, patience and understanding. This is an exceptional match welded with hard work that is surely worth keeping for life.