Life Path Numbers 2 & 5


In the numerological chart, the chemistry of life path two and life path five produces an unstable entity. The interaction of these two numbers for the long-term makes one or the other lose their identifying quality, thus creating a total personal disaster.

It would be like fire and water, when two and five are joined together in one relationship since either the water extinguishes the fire or the fire consumes and evaporates the water. Though personal differences may create an opportunity for learning, which makes these two individuals provide each other what is missing, it is difficult for them to attain a happy and long lasting relationship.

There has to be a considerable amount of personal sacrifices and compromises done to fuse these two souls together. Most often than not, it ends up in chaos and the combination does not survive for a very long time.

For a number five, freedom, adventures and explorations are significant elements in achieving happiness and contentment which is the exact opposite to a number two, who is most comfortable in a traditional life filled with customary activities.

The five possesses flexibility, which the two lacks and these disparate qualities can cause various rifts between the two. What’s more is that the five is a person who embraces change and the two remains conventional so it’d be hard pressed for these two reach a mutual ground on things.