Life Path Numbers 2 & 4


When it comes to the love aspect, the union of a life path two and a life path four is one of the best combinations in numerology. There is no perfect relationship and just like any other partnerships, there will always be difficulties and setbacks that can be encountered in pursuing happiness.

If the positive attitudes of two were complemented with the strengths of four, this would result to a comfortable and harmonious companionship. With regards to home and family, the role of the four is very important as he or she is the ultimate designer, builder and provider while the two sees to it that there is balance and harmony in the relationship with his or her sensitive and intuitive nature.

The realistic approach of the four makes him or her excellent in managing practical matters and dealing with problems as the two complements four’s problem solving with a keen insight and understanding.

Number four is also a loyal and passionate partner with a strong desire to achieve success in every endeavour including relationships. You are a frequently relied upon by your family. However, your firm purpose in life may inhibit you from becoming less flexible which will add up to the rigidity of the number four.

This tandem of behaviour makes the life of these two, a very traditional, boring and unresponsive one. Both of you, with your unique and complementary characteristics can build and maintain a close to perfect home just as long as there is a generous amount of flexibility adapted.

Courage to try new adventures along with trust and loyalty can make a bevy of difference. The end result of this match is a two and four that has a very sturdy partnership that function, as a single unit that can surely withstand the challenges and difficulties life throws at them.