Life Path Numbers 2 & 3


The product of a life path two combined with three makes a potentially strong and stable partnership. It heightens the creativity of each other, as both individuals possess pleasant and friendly characteristics. The three’s spirit is abundant with enthusiasm under the glare of the spotlight while the two is contented standing back and appreciating the show.

With the outstanding communication skills of number three, there is rarely a dull moment for number two. Both of these individuals are passionate when it comes to romance.

However, there is a tendency for the three to get easily anxious of arguments and conflicts, which may lead to a fight or flight reaction. If this is not effectively managed, it may put an end to the relationship. It is essential for the couple to know and understand the attitudes, fears and desires of each other.

Managing finances is also a great challenge for number three as he or she does not have much interest in calculating expenses and savings, and this attitude may scare off number two as he or she has the need for stability and security. Furthermore, the three may also tend to lack concern about important matters and this can be perceived as a negative trait by the sensitive two. If not addressed promptly, it may very well contribute to the failure of the relationship.

As long as the three can manage their verbal impulses efficiently and the two retains an ample amount of coolness towards taking in random comments and criticisms, the combination has a very good chance of maintaining a passionate and blissful relationship. In any success story in relationships, respect and understanding between the two partners are essential to attain continuous progress both as a unit and as well as separate entities.