Life Path Numbers 2 & 2


A two and two pairing in life path numerology is considered as a remarkable combination. These two souls have a wholesome and nourishing respect for the capacity of feelings or emotions. In general, twos appreciate the sincerity and honesty in almost everything they do.

They are compassionate individuals who value each person’s need for a peaceful and harmonious environment where they belong. However, there is a little bit of a challenge that comes in finding familiar ground they can mutually share regarding their different perspectives and judgments since they both possess key individual differences.

With this pairing, both should be careful in giving out criticisms as both have the tendency to become overly sensitive and these two are very poor in handling emotional distress brought about by negative opinions and rejection from others.

Moreover, since twos are predisposed to passivity, it is of utmost importance for both partners to become a little bit more responsible and ambitious in order to have a secure and stable future together. Emotional relationship should not only be the ones cultivated but also the personal, professional and financial aspects of life.

As for oversensitivity, you may need to be cautious in every word you say so as to prevent potential setbacks. In general, it would not be too much of a problem if both individuals have the same regards when it comes to mutual respect.

The ability to communicate or connect to each other’s inner feelings should also be developed for a better chance of making this relationship work. There are not much negative implications with this pairing as a team of twos make a wonderful, peace-loving and compassionate couple consisting of generally modest individuals in thought, word and deed.