Life Path Numbers 1 & 9


With a nine and one match, their compatibility in general can be challenging. In the early stage, number nine will show off a certain kind of selflessness within the union which lets number one stay in the limelight as he or she desires. If the nine is able to continue with this subservient attitude and allow the one to become the centre of attention, then there is a tendency that this relationship will flow positively for the long-term.

Most ones appreciate altruistic and generous traits in an individual like the nine. However, in some cases, there may also be instances when the one feels jealous of the nine. In addition, the common setback in a one-nine combination is that the one can become thoughtless and insensitive of the feelings of the fragile and gentle nine or the nine can make his or her mind up to let go and pursue a spiritual journey on his or her own.

Furthermore, ones are generally inclined towards egoistic behaviour and to some extent an overly selfish personality that may cause the relationship to crumble. The heat of romance will go on as long as there is a certain quantity of distance kept, as both individuals have the need to live their own lives separately.

What’s odd about this pairing is that even if it is difficult to maintain the romance, it works for some other types of relationships such as friendships, parent-child and business associations. Both of these life path numbers positions on the opposite ends of the scale, which at times creates a balanced and harmonious environment as one and nine complement each other. When united, they show off their talents and desirable personality traits that warrant a powerful team in most other kind of affiliations apart from the aspect of love.