Life Path Numbers 1 & 7


The compatibility of life paths one and seven is difficult to foresee or predict. Certain one-seven relationships managed to survive whereas others do not even have a chance. During the early stage, the link between these two individuals is mainly intellectual which offers a great position to connect pretty well and to have common things to share.

Life path one possesses an enthusiasm to tread on any beaten path. Moreover, ones have an open and eccentric mentality that can result to a promising relationship with a number seven since sevens adapt well to a person’s quirks.

Both of these individuals are ready to make a daring risk in trying to get into new and uncharted intellectual realms. These two have a high chance of hitting it off and can then lead to a very favourable combination. They are also both open-minded people motivated by different outlooks in life but for some inexplicable reason, they are able to blend finely in order to make a flavourful fusion of sorts.

It may also appear that this combination will not have such a high chance of success but the blending of these two personalities work in general. The shy and timid seven somehow skilfully complements the outgoing and assertive one, which makes them appreciative of each other more.

The seven encourages the one with insights and the one encourages the seven by carrying out his or her ideas into action. However, the relationship can go sour if one of them takes the others’ temporary lack of attention personally.