Life Path Numbers 1 & 6


Life path one when paired with life path six could end up in another chaotic love story. These two life paths have opposing personality traits that may hinder each other’s personal growth.

The six can be very rigid and insistent with his or her desires to nurture and take care of his or her partner. This overly attentive behaviour may fend off the other’s dependence as an individual with life path one cherishes their independence so much. In addition, their priorities in life greatly differ which contributes to the conflicts and setbacks of the relationship.

It is important for number six to eliminate or at least minimize this controlling and possessive behaviour as this may be considered a threat to the one’s desire to be in control. Holding the one too tight on the neck will make him or her feel smothered and may eventually want out of the relationship.

In some way, this combination has the possibility to endure these challenges provided that both parties are willing to reign in their conflicting and undesirable traits. Self-discipline and sensitivity towards the needs of each other are the key components for a long lasting relationship between one and six.