Life Path Numbers 1 & 5


The life path match of these two numbers is generally good and extraordinary. Both one and five enjoy and put much value on their freedom and the need for self-determination. They create a relationship of passion as well as of power. Together, they can achieve their goals regardless of what may stand in their way.

Moreover, these two individuals support each other as they know and understand the things that will make each other happy. This is a combination that will work for long distance or even an online romance as they oddly enjoy missing each other.

Personal space is essential to both numbers especially when it comes to taking control of their own career paths, travels and social networks. The personalities and qualities in this match are both complementary to one another and this is what makes it more interesting and different from any other number combination.

With this set-up, there is a guarantee of blissful romance with regards to the relationship, spiritual bond and shared aspirations of this match. Though this pair makes a good couple, there is a tendency for both to become a little bit demanding which can then cause insecurities to arise, thus ultimately dictating how they treat each other.