Life Path Numbers 1 & 3

This pairing usually describes a cheery couple. With the three possessing the qualities of an outstanding performer, it would be easy to keep a remarkable relationship with an individual whose life path number is one. The three is very good at recognizing his or her partner’s achievements, thus uplifting the one’s self-esteem, which makes their bond grow stronger and more interesting.

Though both are talented and energetic individuals sharing a lot of similar interests, there is not much to worry about competition as the three creatively provides insights in the subtlest way possible while the one gives the motivation or the push to materialize ideas. The end result is a contented couple with a happy and favourable relationship and has the potential to last a lifetime.

Another good thing about these two is that they will also be more likely to remain friends throughout the course of their relationship. They will enjoy many good times while inspiring each other as a couple. Regardless of the positive aspects of this combination, there may be undesirable drawbacks which both should be cautious of. This can pertain to creative differences as both do not easily give up his or her individual idea. In turn, this often causes disagreements and misunderstandings in the relationship.