Life Path Numbers 1 & 2


The compatibility of a person with a life path one and life path two is quite promising and is likely to turn out well. This combination consists of one submissive partner, which is the two, complements the one’s dominant streak. This could be a lasting relationship as long as respect and sincerity are mutually reciprocated.

These two are like opposite poles attracted together as one takes on the classic and conventional role of a bread winner one who provides everything for the family while the two serves as the submissive partner who takes care of the home and looks for ways to please the one.

Here, there is no power struggle as two is by nature, a very supportive and submissive while one is strong and competitive. The contrast in these two life paths’ personalities also allows one to learn from the other which will make them better as individuals. As a result, there will be harmony and balance in the relationship.

However, when the dominant partner becomes too overbearing and too authoritarian, the relationship may crumble into pieces, as the sensitive partner may get tired of being bossed around. There is also a tendency that the one may take the other for granted since freedom and self-determination are of great value to him or her.