Life Path Numbers 1 & 1


When an individual with life path one is paired with another life path one, it would usually result to either a fair enough or testy combination. You are two equally talented and creative individuals accompanied with two compassionate hearts.

The good thing about this pairing is that you are aware of each other’s objectives and aspirations in life. Respect and understanding will likely reign with this combination since you are headed to the same life path, thus leading to one harmonious and satisfactory relationship. Together, you make a strong and resilient couple that can endure the hardships and challenges in life.

On the other hand, both of you are bull-headed and both have the intense desire to play the particular role of a leader. Two ones with this dominating characteristic may find most, if not all activities as a competition and form of rivalry.

This can become the relationship’s greatest stumbling block since conflicts or disagreements may arise, as either partner may not be willing to submit under the other’s control. In addition, this couple is often separated by distance or career calls, which can be difficult to resist or avoid. With these instances, it would be very challenging and complicated to keep two ones together in harmony.