Libra Horoscope – Zodiac-Signs


Libra Horoscope
Date Range: September 23 – October 22
Day: Friday
Color: Blue and Green
Element: Air
Most compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – The best thing about Libra is how balance they are. Libra can see things from balanced perspective, it makes Libra a good judge whenever there is conflict because Libra can see things from both point of views. Libra is also fair and honest in every situation, Libra can be tasked with highly responsible task due to their ability to keep calm in every situation, and other qualities of Libra are charming, idealistic, diplomatic and graceful.

Weaknesses – Libra consider his sense of justice to be the right one and will not back down, Libra will fight whoever confront his justice. Beside for being stubborn with decision, Libra can also act like a coward and choose to back down on several situations only because the Libra considers that the risk is not worth taking. Libra is also shallow and unreliable; Libra is easily confused whenever many views are to be considered.

Libra Relationship with People

As a friend Libra is dependable and loyal, a Libra will always try to help the friend whenever they are in some sort of problems, Libra is dependable and generous, and they will always try to fulfill the wish of their friend. Libra will sometimes give advices or guidance whenever the Libra think that his friend is doing something wrong, you can count on a Libra to sort everything around. A Libra can be indecisive in some kinds of situation but they will always trying to find a solution where everyone is not going to be disadvantaged.

As a father in a family, Libra will always to balance the amount of love and discipline for his kids. At one time he is a loving and generous father, but he will not easily forgave when his kids make mistakes, he will make sure that his kids know that their actions were wrong and they should never do it again. Libra will always worried that his kids choose the wrong paths on their lives and sometimes it cause frictions and conflicts in the family, but deep down in his heart, a Libra father loves his kids dearly. Libra is also a dependable father, he will always trying to help his kids when they have trouble.

As a mother, a Libra wants her children to be just and responsible; she will do anything not to allow her kids to go down the wrong path. A Libra mother will shower her children with love but will not hesitate to scold her children if she thinks they are doing bad things, she will gives the same amount of love and discipline for her children. Libra mother cares and loves her children so much and is a dependable mother to have, although she can be grumpy in some cases, but it mostly for the best of her children.

As a child, Libra loves their parent so much that they will not try to confront their parent’s ideology or view of life even though it is different to his own. A Libra children is not difficult to rise as they will always thrive for the moral and justice, they will unlikely to choose the negative path and will be a role model for the brother and sister. They can be easily stressed out though as they will always try to help everyone and try to be as dependable as possible, not to mention that they consider their study to be very important and will make sure that they get the best result in their academic rating.

Libra Sex and Love

Libra Career

As Libra is balance and just, for a career they will not try to do dirty stuff in order to gain favor and rank, a Libra will always trying to up their career by doing the right thing and they hate dirty tactics. Due to that reason, it is best for a Libra to find a career which requires a lot of balanced mind and judgment; police officer, judge or lawyer are the best choice for that trait alone. Libra is also good at diplomacy due to their charming and the willingness to please everyone, Libra is also known for having a good way to communicate with people, so being a diplomat or civil servant is also a good choice. A Libra can also have a good career in interior design, fashion design and being a composer.

Positive Qualities


Libra always trying to find something that is fun to talk about; when they are talking, they always make sure that they will not offend anyone. Their nice way of communicating with people makes them very charming and lovable at various occasions.


The most known for a Libra is their balance in everything, Libra will always balance everything, when they are thinking of something, they always think in more than one point of view. This balanced nature of a Libra creates the ability for a Libra to see things more clearly and makes them able to see the middle way where everybody will not be disadvantaged.


A Libra will listen to any kinds of arguments and is able to find the solution which can be used to solve all those arguments. They are able to find things that can solve the problem without hurting anyone. They want to please anyone and will try to do so even if it will took a lot of time just to find the solution.


A Libra is just and fair; they are honest and dislike dishonesty and dirty tactics. Whatever they do, Libra will always make sure that what they doing are not against the rules or moral. If faced with a difficult problem, a Libra will never resort to something dirty and back handed.


Libra is a romantic people, when Libra is in a relationship, they will always try to please the partner. A Libra will do anything to maintain the relationship with someone whom the Libra considers the right partner; Libra is longing for a harmonious relationship and will do anything to maintain it.


Libra is wise and tactful; they are dependable when a problem occurred. Libra can always think a solution for any kinds of problem, and they will make sure that the solution will not affect anyone badly; they refused to consider a solution which exploits other people.

Negatives Qualities


Due to the Libra way of keeping things balanced, they can seem to be detached from everyone else; sometimes they faked their smile just to please everyone although they are in agony inside, this sometimes making it hard to understand Libra.


In a situation where there are many point of views to consider, a Libra can be so indecisive that they will not find a solution at all due to their unwillingness to sacrifice one or more views, they will only find a solution that please anyone.


In this case, a Libra can be very lazy when is faced with a problem, they will think a solution that pleases anyone although it will not solve the problem in the long term. Libra hates psychological challenges or stress.


Due to their willingness to listen to any views in a situation, a Libra can be easily influenced by other people. They always take everybody’s opinion very seriously, thus they will take a lot of time thinking of a solution that pleases everyone.


A Libra is also known to be superficial and shallow in their relationship with other people; they often judge a book by its cover and ignore the content.

Self indulgent

Libra loves beautiful things and will not hesitate to spend money just to get that emotional pleasure. Libra is pretty careless about spending money for materialistic luxury, although that luxury seems to be absolutely unnecessary.

How to Make Libra Women Attracted to You

Libra woman likes to be given a lot of attention, so spoil her and gives her a lot of gifts and presents. Find her interest and get a lot of talk topic which can interest her, listen to what she wants to say and teach her new things. Compliments are important, compliment her looks and beauty as Libra woman loves to be complimented. Check your own appearances too, as Libra tends to prize looks more than the inside. Overall, if you can keep the interest of a Libra woman, then you have a chance, make sure to make it that she is the center on the relationship.

How to Make Libra Men Attracted to You

Libra men appreciates beauty more than anything, so it is important to look good in front of a him, Libra will not consider anyone that he thinks is unattractive. Patience and persistence are also important because Libra tend to need a lot of pressure to get into romantic relationship, to it will take a lot of time and pressure to get him to open up to you. One thing that is a big turn off for a Libra is dishonesty, so make sure you do not lie to him and always be honest.