Leo or Simha (July 23 -August 21)


July 23 to August 23: SIMHA – Life is a challenge

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From the Hindu perspective, this is a much more complex sign than it appears. On the one hand, they love tradition and respect standards, but on the other, they seek to innovate and create new orders around them. Natural leaders, for them, life is a permanent competition. Although they seem obsessed by the external image, they actually look for solutions to the constant challenges that are presented to them.

For Hindus, this sign is a true mix. On the one hand, they say that they are respectful of the rules, but on the other hand, they reveal the “Simha” as innovators and of an enormous practical sense. They are leaders par excellence. If we combine all of them, the answer of the Leonine fire betrays the native with a natural sense of competence.

What you do not doubt is your good luck. Although they always give the feeling that they are running after images, their existence is a struggle to find solutions within the world of reality. His luck in love lies in maintaining stability at all costs. A loving stability is total stability in your life.

If you do not find the person too serious to formalize, then deeply enjoy the adventures, romances and flirtations. If you do not understand with your family, it is best for everyone, is to remain isolated, basing the relationship on tolerance and respect.

Professionally he always does well, product of his great intelligence and dedication in everything he does. Never ask more of your body what it can give you, sooner or later, it will bring serious consequences especially in your nervous system.

Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Leo. In spite of their different natures, there will be a strong bond between the Leo and the Cancer. Leons are broad philosophical, sometimes religious bent of mind and have powerful intelligence. Leo lads love to love, which is great when they meet a Cancer, because she just wants to be love. The fifth sign in the Rashichakra, Simha ( Leo ) rashi behave every inch the royals. They are the kings of the zodiac and there is nothing modest about them.

Leos are ambitious by nature so they dony like manual labour. So they can be a chirman of company, directors of company, policians, etc. leo women are social worker etc.

Leo are brave fighter they never call anybody to help. Leo are very sick but they recover very fast from illness. Leo always suffer dorsal region of the spine, internally, vena cava, heart and the spinal cord are ruled by Leo and externally it governs back and forearm.

Leo always have very high expectation. The relationship soul mate understands the pleasure principle and will always work hard to keep their mate satisfied.

Leo born in July
Traditional Birth Stone – Onyx
Modern Birth Stones – Ruby or Star Ruby

Leo born in August
Traditional Birth Stone – Carnelion
Modern Birth Stones – Star Onyx, Peridot, Sardonyx