Leo Horoscope – Zodiac-Signs


Leo Horoscope
Date range: July 23 – August 22
Day: Sunday
Color: White, Orange, Red, Gold
Element: Fire
Most compatible with: Sagittarius, Aries

Strength and Weakness

Strengths – Leo has a high confidence that can undoubtedly improve the results they create almost anywhere and anytime. This is the biggest strength for them because the confidence may be contagious to the people around them. The other positive sides of a Leo are high motivation, determination, loyalty, and the empathy.

Weaknesses – The greatest weakness that a Leo possesses is their denial to criticism. It may be caused due to their love of admiration or to put it simply, they seek for the praises from people surrounding them. Once they get in touch with the critics, they are most likely to be down and their temper may also rise significantly. This can result in bad impression left on people’s mind, the effect can be malicious especially when a Leo needs those people to work with later in the future. The negative sides that people who were born under Leo sign possess are very stubborn, domineering, and melodramatic.

Leo Relationship with People

As a friend, a Leo can really be counted on as one loyal friend. They will stick with you through your thick and thin, sweet and bitter, etc. You can lay your trust upon them while you are conveying your problems and they will help you as much as they are capable of without even being asked. This means that a Leo can be considered as one ideal companion.They will guarantee you to be safe and happy while you are close with them.

As parents, a Leo will let their children wander and learn by themselves while exploring everything in the circumstance. However, even though the Leo may not look so protective, they actually care so much in the inside. A Leo as parents will also encourage and motivate their children to be the best in a particular field that they think the children will be able to develop.

They will not force the kids to do anything that the parents want, otherwise they will let the children decide by themselves and as long as it is acceptable, they will let the children achieve it based on their support. For example, when the daughter wants to join a basketball club and the Leo parent believes that she is able to, the parent will never stop encouraging her by buying her some basketball equipments and outfits.

In the future, it won’t be a strange thing at all that their children will overcome various obstacles which lie in front of them. When the children start making a chaos, a Leo will be ultimately strict about it to keep up the high discipline. How about the children’s feelings toward the Leo parents? They are no other than love and respect, truthfully speakingthose two are the things that the parents really need.

As children, a Leo will instantly acknowledge then express what they really want and this can result intheir stubborn nature. Simply putting it, they were born to be rebels. However this does not mean that a Leo child will misbehave at many times, instead he will state his preferences to the parents in anunusual way that the parents will indeed understand. The parents will eventually fall to their charm and end up completing their wish if it is still in a possible and affordable range.

Leo Sex and Love

Leo Career

People who were born under Leo sign actually like to keep being busy and tend to have unstoppable maximum energy. Because they like to be treated as a special person, they will like it when the are not under any order or they are the boss for themselves. This means that an entertainment field like acting, singing, or whatever that makes them the center of attention will be compatible to them. Because they also highly enjoy life, Leos will tend to spend the money they gain with modern and trendy things. However, this is not that difficult because with their passion a Leo can earn money easily.

Positive Qualities


Even though they like admiration, a Leo will not get easily disheartened by the setbacks and disappointments from their loved ones. However, to keep them close to you at many times, it is highly recommended to think twice before deliberately disappointing them.


A Leo is a kind person indeed. They occasionally shower their love and attention to people surrounding them so you can expect their generosity while you are in need. Make sure that you will someday return their kindness so they won’t feel merely used by you.


He/she may ask for your loyalty while you two are planning a long lasting relationship. Keep in mind that when they start asking this one, you can not doubt their loyalty as well. When you put your trust on a Leo and try to be so faithful to them, a Leo will highly savour this relationship and do anything that has a probability to please you.


While you are keeping yourself company with a Leo who is ruled by the sun, you can get the positive vibes from them as well. A Leo is naturally an energetic person especially in doing something they are passionate about.


Do not expect any sugarcoated words from a Leo because they express what they truly think about. They are so straightforward so if you are seeking for any truthful comments, you can obtain it immediately from a Leo.

Negative Qualities


With their leading nature, a Leo loves to take over the control and make people follow their system. However, it’s not like everyone agrees on being told to do something by someone who is not in a reasonable position. This can result in a hatred grown for a Leo.


They tend to be self centered which is a root for any arrogance. Since they express spontaneously what is on their mind, it is possible that someone may get hurt by hearing their words. People with Leo sign need to control their words more carefully, especially when it is related to talking about the ‘achievements’ they have made.


Just as stated earlier, a Leo will do anything to gain what they want. Their headstrong trait will also make it more difficult to convince them to change the decision once they set up their mind.


They tend to expect everything to be done so swiftly which describes why they are called one impatient sign. This can be malicious indeed if the impatience turns out into anxiety and disappointment once the result is different to what they wished for.


One trait that can be an obstacle along a Leo’s path is his/her egoistic nature. This ego can be hurt due to the trivial matters so a Leo is recommended to lower his ego to ease up anything related to the relationship problem.


A Leo savours everything he has and keeps it so close to him whenever possible so it may be irritating to you at times. They can be seriously jealous if they catch you hanging out with an unknown person, opposite gender.

How to Make Leo Women Attracted to You

Love her wholly, by this, it means that you need to accept her flaws and praise her qualities whenever possible. She would love to be treated like a queen so giving her special treatments or glam gifts on her special occasion is recommended. She would also be very caring and warmhearted to you so make sure you do the same to her to keep her by your side. A Leo woman tends to be dominating in a relationship, so frankly stating, it is best for you to follow her game as long as her game is still acceptable.

How to Make Leo Men Attracted to You


Just like Leo woman who wants to be treated like a queen, a Leo man also wants to be treated like a king indeed. Shower him with your attention and make him your priority to keep this man close to you. Since a Leo man really loves adventure, you may suggest a date venue that is different from usual like visiting the zoo, hiking on the hills, or even driving offroad. With this up, you will keep him interested and there is a probability that he will be yours forever.