Leo Compatibility: Love, Trust, Friendship, Sex (All 12 Signs)


Whether you’re a Leo or are dating a Leo, it’s important to know Leo compatibility with the other signs in the zodiac. Leo’s love, sex, and friendship compatibility changes based on whether they’re with a fire, earth, or water sign. Learn about the compatibility of all 12 astrological signs as it relates to the Leo man and Leo woman below.

Leo Compatibility

Leo and Aquarius

Aquarius and Leo Compatibility


Aquarius and Leo are two polar opposites on the zodiac wheel. As an air sign (Aquarius) and a fire sign (Leo) it might be hard for them to connect on some levels. With Aquarius’ free-spirit, not caring what people think, and Leo’s desire to be in the center of attention all the time, how can these two get along? They say opposites attract, so does it work in the case of an Aquarius and Leo partnership?

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Leo and Aries

Aries and Leo Compatibility


Are you curious about Aries and Leo compatibility? If these signs describe you and your crush, you’re in luck. These fire signs are highly compatible. Whether Leo and Aries are planning on entering a relationship or becoming close friends, they will stay in each other’s lives for the long-run. 

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Leo and Cancer

Cancer and Leo Compatibility


Cancers and Leos are completely different signs. They don’t have a lot in common, so they aren’t highly compatible. In fact, most of the time, a relationship between a Cancer and Leo will quickly crash and burn. If they want a relationship to work, they are going to have to put a lot of effort into communication and compromises.

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Leo and Gemini

Gemini and Leo Compatibility


Gemini and Leo are two signs of the zodiac that are known to have very bold personalities. Will Gemini be able to handle Leo’s flair? Will Leo be able to tolerate Gemini’s two-faced personality? Let’s get to know their personalities first: 

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Leo and Leo

Leo and Leo Compatibility


Leo and Leo compatibility falls somewhere in the middle. These couples will have a lot in common, but they will also have plenty of arguments. In order for two Leos to make a relationship work, they need to work on their trust issues. They need to commit to one another and stay loyal to one another. They cannot allow their jealousy to ruin the relationship.

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Leo and Sagittarius


Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility


Leo and Sagittarius compatibility is high. They make excellent lovers. However, when they’re in a serious relationship, their dynamic will be a little tricky. Since they’re both strong, passionate fire signs, they could butt heads. They cannot be too stubborn and refuse to compromise if they want their relationship to last long-term.

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Leo and Scorpio

Leo and Scorpio Compatibility


A Leo and Scorpio pairing is no walk in the park. In fact, this is a relationship that should be avoided entirely. Leo and Scorpio have such different personalities and it will take a lot of time, energy, patience, and understanding to even attempt to make it work.

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Leo and Virgo

Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo and Virgo compatibility is pretty low. These zodiac signs are going to struggle with their communication and compromises. They’ll also want different things in the bedroom. Overall, a Leo Virgo pairing is going to need plenty of work in order to survive. Otherwise, they will drift apart over time.

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Leo and Libra

Leo and Libra Compatibility


Despite the differences between zodiac signs Leo and Libra, they make a promising pair in love and friendship. For it to work, they will need to be patient and communicate with each other about their needs. Let’s learn more about the Leo and Libra compatibility and what a relationship will be like for Leo and Libra. 

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Leo and Taurus

Taurus and Leo Compatibility


Would it be a good love match between Taurus and Leo? Probably not. With this fire sign and this earth sign, both love and friendship might not be super strong. Could they try to make this work? Who knows…

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Leo and Pisces

Leo and Pisces Compatibility


If there’s one thing to be said about a Leo and Pisces love relationship it’s that they are completely, totally, and incredibly incompatible. In fact, this is a love match that should be avoided. Leo and Pisces make for a decent friendship, however, there will be a lot that they’ll clash on. Let’s dive into their personalities a little bit more and see why and how it doesn’t work:

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Leo and Capricorn

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility

Would you imagine that a relationship between Leo and Capricorn is compatible? With Leo’s fire element and Capricorn’s earth element, these two will definitely struggle to find common ground. A friendship can be pretty great and even unstoppable, but a relationship, however, that’s a different story…