Lapis Lazuli is a stone that was appreciated and coveted by ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Sumeria, attributing a high significance of power. In the case of Egypt, it was the first to lay a strong and rooted faith to use it as a medicinal item. While for the Sumerians it served as an amulet to protect and safeguard against any bad influence or damage that may come against the person who wore the stone.

However, not everything stayed there; surprisingly human beings manage to observe the multiple influences that exist in this beautiful stone; assuming the need to carry it every day, as a great intermediate between natural and the supernatural. Indeed, the currently society has acquired it for other purposes beyond decoration, wore as a stone in an elegant jewel, but as an excellent luck charm for all the wonderful benefits it offers. Moreover, it has been applied in certain rituals of love to lure effectively.


You did not know it, right? Sure, this stone has powerful interventions in the aspect of love and for your benefit here we have an effective ritual to attract and keep the love of your life: first, you need a piece of this rock, a picture of the person you want and an elastic band; once you have all this, you must keep the piece of stone in your hands for 15 minutes; touch it, feel it, have it with you to have a spiritual connection. Then, when the time is up, take the picture and wrap it entirely with the stone, tying it well with the elastic band.

As you do this you must say aloud: “Your power of love, I pray that in this moment it captivates the mind and heart of (name of person) to only think of me.” When finished decreeing, keep the stone between your clothes. Now, if you already have a partner, you must only take the stone under the bed or in the clothes of both.

Without a doubt, this stone will start working for you in a meaningful way; giving union, protection and healing. So, do not think twice! And locate the lapis lazuli stone to be blessed with the many benefits it has for you and your heart.